About Countrywide Capital Group, LLC

Real Estate Operators. Surrogate Owners.

We are not like any other real estate company you’ve ever worked with. Countrywide Capital Group is a, debt–free and privately owned operator of commercial real estate services throughout the Eastern United States. The firm’s management has gone through multiple market cycles; and as a result formed a full-service real estate company with expertise as a real estate owner, operator, broker, property manager, contractor and developer. With all of these capabilities, we are still able to retain the culture of a small boutique firm. This allows us to quickly react to the demands of a changing marketplace while offering individualized and integrated real estate solutions across multiple sectors.

 Countrywide Capital Group provides full service real estate solutions, seamlessly integrating the following:

  • Asset Services
  • Commercial Brokerage
  • Construction & Development Services

At Countrywide Capital Group, business is approached not as a transaction but as an ongoing relationship, with the goal of creating value for real estate owners in today’s marketplace. Countrywide Capital Group prides itself in attracting employees who are innovative, connected and responsive—all while working from an owner’s perspective.

Countrywide Capital Group at a Glance

Our success stems from our clients’ success. By working in close collaboration with our customers, our expertise has helped our clients exceed expectations. We are proud to tell clients our credentials:

  • $1B in brokerage transactions
  • Thousands of brokerage transactions
  • Restructured more than $175mm of loans for the mutual benefit of the borrower and lender.