Banner addCountrywide Capital Groups people have a passion for real estate and an owner’s perspective, from which we can serve as educated, responsible and responsive surrogate owners to our current and future clients. We are not merely a collection of unrelated service providers, but rather a single company that can strategically implement an integrated variety of real estate services.

We are debt-free. This allows us to focus on the future of our business, rather than the past.

We know each other and we care about each other. We believe in relationships more than transactions and approach our clients as our teammates. And our brokerage, asset, construction and management people really are integrated, having successfully worked on scores of projects together.

The very fact that we have been through nearly a decade of real estate asset services, acquisition, ownership, leasing, management and disposition, gives us confidence as we approach each project or portfolio. We have been through the up and down cycles. We can view a multitude of options with careful financial modeling, work with our clients to select the best one and implement the chosen plan of action. We truly feel we are “real people with real solutions” who can take on the challenges of this economic crisis and create opportunities for our clients to prosper.