Borrower options

1. Short Sale – If you can find a party interested in buying your home. Countrywide Capital Group, LLC   may be able to significantly discount the balance and interest due to reflect the current market value. It doesn’t matter if you work with an agent or find a buyer through your own efforts, we will work with you in either situation. Before we will consider a short sale approval, we will need to receive the following items:

  1. Purchase contract signed by buyer and seller
  2. Copy of the buyer’s loan approval
  3. Name and contract information for any real estate agents that might be involved
  4. Name and contract information for the loan broker, if involved

Please fax all documents to:
(866) 455-2185  Attn: Short Sale Manager

For additional questions, please call 407-401-8790 to discuss.

2. Deed In Lieu – You might be eligible to sign the house back to us. We will need to have a conversation with you to make sure you understand the process and implications of doing so.

Please call us at 407-401-8790 to discuss.

3. Refinance – If you qualify to refinance into a new loan, Countrywide Capital Group, LLC   will work with your new lender to see how we can help make that transaction work.

Please call us at 407-401-8790 to discuss.