If you are a Borrower and received paperwork indicated we are your new lender please call us right away to discuss your situation.

For general inquires or questions, please call:

Countrywide Capital Group, LLC
Phone 407-401-8790
Fax 866-455-2185
 If you have recieved a letter indicating we are your new lender please call us right away to ensure you have the right payment and information center. 

CCG is here to help you find a beneficial solution.

Payments can be mailed to:
Call customer service at 407-401-8790 to ensure proper payment center.

HUD Counseling
If you are unable to make payments or resume payments within a reasonable period of time due to a reduction in your income resulting from a loss or reduction in your employment, you may be eligible for Homeownership Counseling. Please contact the HUD toll free number (800-569-4287) to obtain a list of HUD approved nonprofit organizations servicing your residential area.

Alternatives to Foreclosure
The following options may be available to borrowers who are unable to afford their mortgage payments and who may want to avoid foreclosure:

  1. Short Sale
  2. Deed In Lieu
  3. Refinance

If you would like to discuss any option plans, please call 407-401-8790