Countrywide Capital is an expert in working with lenders and owners of distressed properties to find solutions to challenging situations. CCG acquired Americas Loss Mitigation Solutions Corp in 2009, a leader in the loss mitigation industry. Since the acquisition the company has handled workouts totaling over $175 million, and in the past two years, has helped clients in numerous Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. These efforts have involved working with a wide range of financial institutions, from CMBS lenders and national lending institutions to local banks.


Our company has built deep relationships in the financial industry based on the knowledge that we can help figure out how to make deals work for everyone involved. In this difficult environment, this certainly isn’t easy, and requires a combination of market knowledge, patience and persistence.


A loan restructuring can certainly be a preferable alternative to bankruptcy, and our goal is to turn a negative situation into one that offers a more promising outlook for both the lender and the property owner.

Commercial Properties ONLY!