Our Fees

Is There A Fee For Our Services?

When buying inventory from our Firm there is typically never a separate fee “CCG” charges so long as we hold/will hold title prior to the sale. Our fees are made on the difference of what we buy the inventory for and what we sell it for, the same as in most business models. There is, however, a standard fee added to the sales price. This fee includes all sales commissions payable to the buyer’s mandate, seller’s mandate and intermediaries. These fees may be divided among the brokers, agents and intermediaries in accordance with their separate agreements. These are the parties who, working as a cohesive unit, make the entire transaction possible. The total brokers’ fee is usually 3-6%. We receive a portion of the total fee.

The total fee is the same regardless of the number of brokers, agents and intermediaries involved in the particular transaction. This arrangement enables the prospective purchaser to be matched to inventories from various banks that best match the purchaser’s investment criteria.

Partnership Program

We find many times savvy investors recognize the tremendous opportunities available in today’s market however the execution after the acquisition leaves some investors questioning the exit strategies or available options. You can let “CCG” take control of the process while you keep an eye on the bottom line, and the process with our state of the art technology platform. We perform all the work and you provide the funding. Learn more about this opportunity.