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We Want to Help You Acquire Bulk REO Real Estate Investments

As principle buyers of distressed real estate we offer an opportunity to qualified investor partners to allow them into the “inner circle”. We view our role in the REO process as facilitating legitimate bulk REO transactions between qualified buyers and sellers of foreclosed or distressed real estate portfolios. Once our clients overcome the natural trepidation that has been inherent in the REO process, (which is often based on their past unsuccessful attempts to acquire REOs), we proceed to “business as normal” and source mutually advantageous deals that can be consummated quickly so long as the disposition strategy is satisfactory to our firm or you follow The CCG Solution TM.

It is our goal to bring a high level of legitimacy, trustworthiness and confidence to the bulk REO arena. This will engender an atmosphere in which all parties can complete their bulk REO real estate transactions quickly and efficiently.

We Are Honest, Trustworthy People Who Have Substantial Experience in Real Estate

Our combined years of experience in various real estate fields as Real Estate Investors, developers, asset managers, and finance give us a rare combination of knowledge, experience and trustworthiness that is often lacking in today’s REO world. Current economic conditions have created a proliferation of Bulk REO offerings at well below market value. We believe that this temporary situation presents a timely opportunity for hedge funds and investment companies with large sums of available cash.

Unfortunately, the burgeoning Bulk REO marketplace has created an environment devoid of scrupulous and inexperienced real estate professionals capable of assisting legitimate buyers in achieving their real estate investment goals. In too many instances, the REO facilitators are individuals who may not have the required knowledge, understanding and professionalism to undertake such complex proceedings. The sad result has been a growing number of frustrated real estate investment groups who have been disappointed when the people they trusted to provide REOs were unable to deliver the product. Similarly, many banks have wasted valuable time with buyers who were not financially able to consummate the transactions.

The natural result of this breakdown in the bulk REO sales process has been a deep-seated distrust and lack of confidence among buyers, sellers and their respective representatives and intermediaries. This has caused many potential investors to remain on the sidelines and miss out on these timely investment opportunities.

Until now, it has often been near impossible for the serious real estate investor to accurately evaluate the credibility and trustworthiness of the individuals and companies claiming to have REO product available. We have experienced firsthand an extraordinarily high level of skepticism by both buyers and sellers. Each side fears that the other is wasting its time, and is unable to consummate the transaction. CCG has created the solution for this. Call today and speak to one of our qualified representatives.