The Opportunity
Countrywide Capital Group’s Investments utilizes Countrywide Capital Group’s extensive infrastructure and its years of investment/ownership experience to acquire assets for its own account. Countrywide Capital Group is focused on acquisition of distressed assets in metropolitan markets where it can maximize overall yield through utilization of its comprehensive network of services, capabilities and experience.

Acquisition Criterion
Asset Criterion shall emphasize quality of construction and location, sub-replacement & competitive project valuation together with implementing a detailed focused and realistic asset business plan through its comprehensive services platform.

Underlying Asset Types
Post 1980 “Core Plus”, “Value Add”, & “Opportunistic”, Office / Warehouse / Distribution & Light Manufacturing Industrial, & Mixed Use Business Park assets of Class A & B+” construction.

Deal Size
$5 – $100 Million

Geographic Focus
Sunbelt states with a focus on the Florida market.

Maximized Returns-Mitigated Risk
Countrywide Capital Group maximizes an asset’s performance yet minimizes the costs and risks through utilization of its integrated network of services which include: regional asset and property management divisions, full service brokerage, construction and development services, and market research department in each of its  regional offices.

For further information, contact:

Robert Vazquez
Countrywide Capital Group’s acquisition division.
EMAIL: robert@myreocountrywide.com
PHONE: 407-401-8790 EXT 150


Multi-Family Acquisition Criteria

Fractured Condo Division

Non Performing Assets

Countrywide Commercial Debt Division

Countrywide Residential Debt Division