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Iam reposting this ad as I have added even more inventory. I have received an overwhelming amount of calls as well many emails to the point it crashed my server.

So let’s address what I have and the procedure NOW in hopes I can more effectively & efficiently handling your request.

  • Please do not call me and ask for an option……NOT going to happen
  • Please do not call me just to tell me you may have a buyer (it’s a waste of both of our time)
  • Please do not call me to state you are a buyer and you are not
  • Please do not call to ask for more info w/o complying with my protocol.
  • Please to not sign our NDA in place of your buyer b/c you “rep” your buyer, have your buyer sign.

I will need NDA signed.

An NDA will NOT get you the info. I will need a Buyers BIO.I require a Buyer BIO (which my team will validate) in order to assist in determining your credibility as a MF buyer and not a broker or “investor” that has no capacity to close said transactions.

These are structured sales. I.E. I am negotiating the Notes and coordinating DIL so when I resell to you, you will have a HARD ASSET. I do not need “buyers” walking grounds taking pictures and speaking to tenants. I do not want a scare nor alarm tenants in any way.

These are exclusive OFF MARKET deals that are NOT on any list…..(unless someone copy and paste it from my site or social media platform)

Again, if you are a buyer and have requested info and I have not gotten back to you my sincerest apologies. Please visit my site, sign NDA and submit your bio so I know you are real.


  • 447 Units Huston, TX Off-Market Luxury Apartment homes : Price $ 32 Million (I am the seller)
  • 370 Units Tampa, FL  Off-Market Luxury Apartment homes: Price $ 38 Million (I am the seller)
  • 200 Student Housing. N.C. Pricing $4,500,000
  • 226 Units Huston, TX Price is $5,000,000
  • 236 Units Fort Worth, TX $ 3,200,000 (area door price is approx 25k…this offering- $13,500 a door)
  • 240 Units Kingwood, TX $16,000,000
  • 292 Rosenberg,  TX units $ 9,000,000
  • 425 units Dallas, TX (b-c 3 complexes) Price is $6,643,500 – needs rehab
  • 168 units Student housing Fredonia, New York Price $11,500,000
  • 350 units Fort Lauderdale, FL $11,200,000 (needs about 2-3 million repairs)
  • 304 Units Spring, TX Price $ 11,000,000
  • 318 Units Katy, TX $11,000,000
  • 184 units. Ormond Beach ,Florida (PENDING)
  • Pembroke Pines shopping center $2,650,000 ( Broward county, Florida) is under contract(will take back up)Pending
  • MINI BULK REO, FL 58 homes statewide BPO at 7 Million, priced at .60 all in.Pending BPO Review (pending)


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